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Monthly my staff posts our newsletter to the site for your viewing. Each newsletter contains money saving tips and ideas designed for all types of home owners, seekers and renters.

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Homeowners Battle Rising Utility Costs

Savvy homeowners are battling all-time-high energy costs by incorporating building techniques to make their homes more energy efficient. As more people begin to struggle to meet rising utility costs, these practices are expected to grow in popularity.  Click Here to Read!

Is Your Home STILL on the Market? Find Out Why!

Some sellers find that no matter how hard they have worked to prepare their home, and no matter how many open houses their agent holds, one year after placing the sign in the yard the home is still for sale. This article is full of insights about immediate turn-offs for buyers. Learn how to look for and correct these things.  Click Here to Read!

Landscaping for All Seasons

The change of the seasons marks a change in your landscaping. Obviously, your beautiful spring and summer flowers must give way to evergreens and shrubbery as the key focus of your lawn and garden. Here are some tips that you can use to keep your landscaping beautiful all year long. Click Here to Read!

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